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6. Extra rules

6. Extra rules

Four-player game

In order to host a four-player game, add another player to the ‘classical’ rules for three people.
What should you do with the character sheet? Simple: during the character creation, each player should choose two extreme Approaches and one central Approach (dot). The central Approach always grants one die when used. It’s better to just write down the information about the third character in the character sheet margins.

Two-player game

A game for two has its charm and brings more intimacy into the process. The trick is to share the Narrator’s functions between the players.

The main Protagonist of each new scene is the character of the player who is trying to achieve an Aspiration specified on a Card. At this point, the other player assumes the role of the Narrator.

They interpret the rolls and roleplay the reaction of the environment, their own character, and the non-player characters. As soon as another player’s Aspiration comes into play, the players switch roles. This approach requires some measure of experience and improvisational skills; however, using the recommendations below, you will easily pull it off:

  • Read the rules prior to the game session; this way, you’ll be distracted less frequently and will be able to immerse yourself more easily.
  • While preparing for the game session, get to learn more about each other’s characters, the game location, and your Protagonists’ environment, but don’t get too tangled up in detail – you will discover some of those things along the way.
  • When you assume the role of the Narrator, try to ask follow-up questions about what is happening to the characters.
  • Remember that your ultimate goal is to tell an exciting story!

For those who like to experiment

Experienced players may play in a group of three players and without the Narrator, by combining the rules for two and four players above. Thus, during each scene, one is the active player whose Aspiration is being pursued at that moment, and the rest of the players collaboratively narrate how the active player’s actions affect the environment.

How to engage players into each other’s scenes. Life Dices. How to use pursuers.

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