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A road movie about friendship that, in defiance of time, society and death itself, allows the Protagonists to search for their selves, solutions to old problems and the most important things in life.

About the Game

With the rules laid out in this manual, as few as three people – one narrator and two Protagonists – will be able to tell a full-fledged story inspired by the movie Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door, in a mere two to three hours and without any lengthy preparation.

Within the framework of this game, terminally-ill Protagonists will fulfill their innermost dreams and rectify grievous mistakes from their past, trying to make the most of what little time they have left before their inevitable doom.

If you’re a player (Protagonist), it’s not obligatory for you to read these rules; the narrator will tell you all the relevant information.

To play the game, you will need

  • the rules
  • aspiration cards and a character sheet (which may be downloaded here)
  • writing utensils
  • at least three six-sided dice, ideally – eight dice per player, five of which should be the same color


Character list, Aspiration cards, Narrator’s Cheat Sheet, templates for

Key features of the game

  • The entire game takes several hours and is comprised of one self-contained story that does not require any special preparation.
  • This is a story about normal people, taking place in our current time period or close to it.
  • Realism and credibility are often sacrificed for the sake of drama and storytelling.
  • The Narrator does not roll any dice at any time. 
  • There is no strict turn order. You may choose an order that benefits the storytelling.
  • Players often describe the scenes, including the actions and responses of characters that are not their own.
  • Social interactions, not combat, make up most of the gameplay. 
  • Violence is a special form of interaction between individuals without any dedicated game mechanics.

1. Character creation

Quick start and character personality: motto, significant item, approaches.

Characters and their mechanics: actions, aspirations, life dice, elements, episodes.

How you start the game: backdrop, narrator’s principles, introductory monologue, first scene.

Types of scenes and their order. End of the game: when does it happen and what to do?

How to engage players into each other’s scenes. Life Dices. How to use pursuers.

Additional player and GM-less.


Need suitable music for the game? We made a playlist for three and a half hours just for you! Modern neoclassical composers will help to create a touching and intimate atmosphere, so necessary for the game.


Daniil Shipaev
Artur Sarvarov
Sviatoslav Varnashov

Editor (English)



Alex D. Licht (cover art)
Kerrigera (art)
PLOYA (art)
some arts were taken from


Eds76, Ink Harker, Ksenia Dorogavceva

English translation

Ilya Inyakin

Addition card authors

Alexander Kashnikov, Luba Mnogoumnaya


Alexander "Sesh" Makhnev, Vanya Shpanka, Boris Mishkov, Alexander Semykin, Yulia "Lia" Kovaleva, Sergey "Bolt" Dudoladov, Viktor Gulov, Alexander Vladimirovich, Viktor Shweinert, Kolya, Tanya, Eva, Tatiana "Soul", vj0r, Eallin, Kelesgos, Nicky, Immelkor.