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See You on a Coffee Break

See You on a Coffee Break

This is a comedic bureaucratic add-on to the game See You in Hell.


We were inspired by:

  • video games Yuppie Psycho and Dark Souls 3
  • our beloved work
  • the game of Arseny P., which they told us about absolutely confidentially


You’re inside of an enormous skyscraper with lots of offices. On each floor there are Department Managers with their minions. At the end, you’ll have only two options: to defeat the President of the company or permanently occupy the workplace near the toilet on the 16th floor.

This is your first day in:

  1. Milisoft
  2. Panapple
  3. Doooodle
  4. the L.M.A.O. (the Luxurious Moscow Aluminum and Oil)
  5. Save the Whales
  6. Valentine & Co

Staying at the bottom of the food chain isn’t for you, you want rapid career growth. During the next 2 hours, you’ll have the opportunity for it.

How is this extension different from the core?

  • Each player comes up with a special ability instead of a concept.
  • Each player comes up with a significant item (instead of a memorable one), that helps you to survive the bureaucratic routine.
  • New tasks, places, and equipment.
  • Managers with their minions instead of hordes of demons.
  • Danger shows the number of minions and the Manager’s limbs (there may be more than four) together.
  • A new start: the elevator door opens on the 16th floor in the center of an office open space. There aren’t any people, only computer monitors glow dimly. There are no stairs in the whole building. Windows here are not transparent and not breakable.
  • Сampaign president instead of a boss.


  1. To get the visa of the Manager
  2. To conduct a fire drill
  3. Deliver coffee, doughnuts or pizzas
  4. Make a copy of a fax copy
  5. To track down the lost cost estimate
  6. To correct an entry in the report


  1. Dark labyrinth of the archive
  2. Forgotten tea room
  3. Desecrated lavatory
  4. Smoking room of the Ancients
  5. Incognizable hall
  6. Derelict open space



  1. Hole punch of fate
  2. Mug of coffee
  3. Stale cupcake
  4. Folder with the bloody contracts
  5. Draft declaration with too many corrections
  6. Unreadable fax


  1. Ball pen without a refill
  2. Pack of printer paper
  3. Crumpled note from another dimension
  4. Legendary standard
  5. Non-inventoried chair
  6. CRT monitor


  1. Office party photos
  2. Ramen as a symbol of the company good
  3. Value stream mapping
  4. Cursed projector
  5. Magnetic pass in someone else’s name
  6. Stickers with prayers


  1. Secret Santa wish list
  2. Paper cart
  3. Table hockey
  4. Set of motivational cards
  5. Mimic cup
  6. Personal file of a missing employee


  1. Lucky tooth of the company founder
  2. Calendar from a subcontractor
  3. Non-Euclidean coil of wire
  4. Portrait of a great man
  5. Radio-controlled Tesla-T toy
  6. Poisonous potted plant


  1. Toxic energy drink can
  2. Gym bag
  3. Table lamp
  4. Cleaner’s robe
  5. Shredder
  6. Branded souvenir

Department Manager

Roll 3 dice to find out who is the Manager and the minions on the floor.

This is

  1. Cyborg
  2. Magician
  3. Creature
  4. Lord
  5. Werewolf
  6. Puppeteer


  1. marketing department
  2. purchasing department
  3. archive department
  4. personnel department
  5. 5S department
  6. accounting department


  1. cultists
  2. secretary
  3. sysadmin
  4. deputy
  5. crowd of juniors
  6. labor safety inspector

Сampaign president

  1. Diabolic Coffee Machine
  2. Soul Printer
  3. Bloodsucking ATM
  4. Database of ALL Data
  5. Keeper of Personal Files
  6. Murderous Air Conditioner