Silver Hoof Games





  1. Flamethrower
  2. Plasma-powered cannon
  3. Railgun
  4. Cryo rifle
  5. Nailgun
  6. Double barrel


  1. Electric pitchfork
  2. Hand drill
  3. Chainsaw
  4. Stasis knuckle
  5. Ice axe
  6. Reinforced arm


  1. Volcano grenade
  2. Vacuum grenade
  3. Needle grenade
  4. “Thor’s Rage” drug
  5. Hoverbike
  6. Magnetic boots


  1. GLOO Cannon 
  2. Machine gun
  3. Mini submachine gun
  4. ARC gun
  5. Tracked turret
  6. Gravity gun


  1. Tail of a demoness
  2. Hammerhead eater
  3. Demonic axe
  4. Laughing worm
  5. Head of a sour slime
  6. Soul catcher


  1. Auto-hook
  2. Rocket pack
  3. Laser net
  4. Piezoelectric shield
  5. Infantry portable barrier
  6. Battle glue can


1. Earth

  1. Streets of a mega-city
  2. Spaceport
  3. Hydroelectric dam
  4. Miami Beach
  5. Ocean liner
  6. Slum

2. Akkad Station

  1. Residential houses
  2. Gateway to outer space
  3. Drains
  4. Garbage shredder
  5. Hydroponic garden
  6. Star deck

3. Callisto

  1. Rig
  2. Mine
  3. Ruins of an old colony
  4. Fallen meteorite
  5. Orbital elevator
  6. Magnetic track

4. Leaf-Fall-Hannah

  1. Assembly line
  2. Central accelerator
  3. Funicular
  4. Storage facilities
  5. Mountain peaks
  6. Flooded laboratory

5. Io

  1. Pyramid of Others
  2. Cave complex
  3. Anthill
  4. Endless bridge
  5. Volcano
  6. Geothermal station

6. Hell

  1. Psychic hub
  2. Electro-necrotic portal
  3. Bloody altar
  4. Crucible
  5. Temple of the Lord
  6. The hall of souls


1. Security system

Closed bulkheads, security systems, restricted access.

How to overcome: to crack (provident), to destroy (bloodthirsty), to sneak (swift), to go straight trough (confident).

Wound: a turret started to fire, neuroparalytic gas.

Increasing danger: public announcement.

2. Chase

In a cave maze, inside a volcano, on trucks along a quarry, on garbage processing conveyors.

How to overcome: to be faster, than everyone else (swift), to break everything in the way (tough), to blow up everything around (bloodthirsty), to find the shortest path (cold-blooded)

Wound: head-on collision, tripwire mines, acrid fumes.

Increasing danger: ambush; now you’re not a hunter, but a prey; the enemy warned.

3. Weather and Nature

Psionic storm, tsunami, tornado, blizzard.

How to overcome: find a shelter (provident), endure (confident), make a shelter (tough).

Wound: sand under the skin, terrible noise in the head, frostbite.

Increasing danger: the storm has exposed the anthill, the cold has driven the demons to the surface, the tsunami was the Archon’s harbinger.

4. Negotiations

Bored AI, distrustful resistance, head of West-Elon-Space, mad scientist.

How to overcome: to inspire (bloodthirsty), to deceive (swift), to convince (cold-blooded)

Wound: they started to shoot.

Increasing danger: reinforcements are coming, the Dimension-66 is breaking, they’re all obsessed!

5. Repair and construction

A hovertruck, an electric train, an assault shuttle, an orbital elevator, bridge over the abyss.

How to overcome: wisely (provident), depending on luck (confident).

Wound: works, but not for long; explodes immediately after the end; incandescent.

Increasing danger: a lot of noise; special fields; going the wrong way.

6. Theft or release

Prisoners, test subjects, infobank, Sonm mineral, the key to the gate.

How to overcome: imperceptibly (swift), distracting (swift), with collateral damage and destruction (bloodthirsty), suddenly (cold-blooded).

Wound: return fire, you’ve released something else, they want to die.

Increasing danger: explosive collars, a demonic seed in the prisoners, a demon genie.

Enemies of Mankind

Demons aren’t the only danger. New battles and new enemies are waiting for you.

Giant Beetles

Inspiration: Starship Troopers, StarCraft, Alien, HellDiver.

Traces: cocoons, cobweb, slime, burrows, nests, anthills, hunger.

Privates: worker, drone, flyer.

Bosses: a giant fire-spitting fly, an underground worm.


Inspiration: StarCraft, Halo, Independence Day, War of the Worlds.

Traces: unknown technologies, hovering transport, power weapons, defensive fields, jihad.

Privates: hunter, praetorian, legionary.

Bosses: a hover tank, an invisible being.


Inspiration: Terminator, Caprica, Virus, Noir Automata.

Traces: mechanisms, human bodies usage, revenge.

Privates: an automotive turret, a killer drone, a cyborg.

Bosses: a supercomputer, a walking excavator.